Welcome to Wormwood!Wormwood is a quiet realm, a paceful place with a benign and distinguished king, the walrus.As I said before, Wormwood is such a tranquil place that it’s not that weird to see the guards relaxing. One day, as any other, and intruder using all her cunning and stealth, wasable to enter the treasure room and steal the king’s crown in front of the king and his royal guards, Remi and Pogos.In order to get back their king’s precious crown and recover their honor, Remi and Pogos will give chase relentlessly to Lynne, the famous treasure robber and the crown thief!Art&Design: Raki :: https://www.facebook.com/therealraki Animation : Caro ::https://www.facebook.com/waroartwork?ref=hl

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Les Misérables Cast

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